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  Well, we are beginning the second year of retirement and you will notice that I have removed about every thing that refers to the many trips that we did through the years. We are beginning the year 2014 and  I will be placing personal trips on the Reports Page so that I can  focus on the flies that I use each trip. I want to encourage each one of you that purchases flies to make your own personal report of your trips and feel free to send them to me. I will place them on my Reports Page with all credits to you. I would like for you to mention what flies you were using and I can place pictures of them with the reports. Our focus from the first of the year will be to fish as many rivers in East Tennessee as we can and to report about the hatches that we see and to try to help you make good fly selections from our numerous pages that we offer. If you see us on the river, come up and say" hello" so we can keep old acquaintances alive. Thank you again for all of your patronage, and for sharing your time on our website through the years.



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We want to let you know that we have Dyed Starling Skins available now


The time of the year is upon us again to restock all of our fly boxes and to purchase the new flies that have been so successful during the season. We are particularly proud of the Tan Wulff this year and our versions of the Stripper Midge and the Split Case PMD Nymph. The Flashback Golden Crawler, the Flashback Pheasanttail Nymph, the Tan Wulff, and the Rockhold Sulfur Emerger were great producers on the Holston River as well as the Clinch, the South Holston, and the Watauga Rivers. The Tan Wulff has produced better than any dry fly that we have fished on the South Holston River. We tie it in tan, yellow, and sulfur orange to imitate all the different colors we see on this river. The Rockhold Sulfur Emerger has been the top producing fly on the South Holston River and the Smoky Mountain Blackbird Softhackle has been the premium fly on the mountain streams. You will want to try the South Holston Miracle Midge on all of the tailwaters.
We know that you will want to direct your spouse's attention to the Gift sets for a very special Christmas Gift. They are already selling at a good pace so get your order in right away.
See our new section on Flytying Videos.  We will continue to add videos.  Some of these videos are presently on the Reports 27 page, but will later be placed in the Video section.  You may click on the section here to view as well as in the navigation section.  Flytying Videos for Nymphs, Emergers and Midges and Flytying Videos for Dry Flies
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What a great season! We updated our fly pages with new patterns in several categories and we have had the opportunity to test many of these flies.. Be sure to look at the new patterns that we have placed on our new Wet Flies Page, as well as lots of new selections on the Tailwaters Fly Page. Wet flies and Softhackles were the method that I first learned to fish by, many years ago. It is now making a comeback and I look forward to helping many of you make good choices from our selections that are tried and proven. An example of one of our spectacular wet flies is the Smoky Mountain Blackbird Softhackle. This fly has turned out to be one of the best to be found in the Southeast.

If you would like to purchase flies, just (click here) or call 423-586-6198.


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