East Tennessee Tailwater Hatch Charts

The Clinch River



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This Chart will connect to pictures of fly patterns that are given. 
 Click on the fly pattern to see  the image.




Fly Patterns


Time Period


Creme Midge/Grey Midge Drive you crazy midges:#22-30 All Month
Black flies Black fly larva:#22-24
Black fly adult:#18-24
Late February-November
Scuds/nymphs Beadhead Pheasant tailed nymph:#16-20 All Year


Creme Midge Creme Midge:#22-30

Creme midge:#22-30

All Month
Black flies Adult Clinch River Blackfly:#22-24

Clinch River BlackflyLarva:22-24

All Month


Creme Midge


Grey Midge


Blood Midge


Black Caddis



Creme Midge:#18-22


Grey Midge:#18-24

Zebra Midge:#18-14

Blood Midge:#18-20


Black Caddis:#18-20

All Month

All Month

All Month

All Month

All Month

                                      There have been much better Sulfur hatches taking place in the last couple years. Scuds seem to be lighter than previous seasons. The Tan Wulff, the Rockhold Sulfur Emerger, and the Clinch River Split Case PMD have worked well. 

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