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Smoky Mountain Custom-Tied Nymphs,
 Emergers and Soft-Hackles For Sale



Hugh has been studying local water insects for many years in the streams and rivers. He has endeavored to reproduce each one exactly as he has seen them on each stream. Through trial and error, these flies have been developed into some of the finest reproductions that you can buy.

Pricing: $5.00 each for dries and nymphs tied in the round

Shipping will be $3.00 per box. 

Dry Flies // Nymphs, Emergers , Streamers and  // Realistic Flies 

Page 2 of Nymphs and Emergers

Page 1 of Nymphs, Emergers and Streamers

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Pheasanttail Nymph
(new for 2005)
March Brown Nymph March Brown
Black Stonefly  Thunderhead Prong Caddis Emerger

Yellow Ostrich
Herl Nymph



Green CDC

Blackbird Deer Hair Emerger
(new for 2005)

Olive Bead
Head Nymph

Red Ostrich
Herl Nymph
Tan Ostrich
Herl Nymph
Biot Midge  Yellow Wing Beadhead
Prince Nymph
(new for 2005)
WD-40 Paint Creek
March Brown
Flash Back
Camp Creek
Giant Yellow
Mayfly Nymph
Mossy Creek Caddis Emerger Hendrickson Emerger
(new for 2005)
Mill Creek
Soft Hackle
Little River
Light Cahill The Original Smoky Mountain

Biot Body

Tellico Golden
Drake Nymph
Soft Hackle Latex Caddis Elkmont Caddis Soft Hackle Olive Quill Nymph
Soft Hackle
Premium fly
Abrams Creek
Searcher Nymph
Ostrich Herl
Mayfly Nymph
White Top Midge Pheasant Tail Dyed Red
Tellico Delight Nymph Isonychia Little Brown Stone Nymph Forney Creek Clinger
(new for 2005)
(Carolyn's Fly)
Clinch River Blue 
Tailed Scud
Biot Body March Brown October Caddis Emerger Quill Gordon Nymph YallarHammer Wet Fly Carolyn's Wings of Gold
(new for 2005)
Blackfly Larvae Clinch River Blood Midge Holston River Creme Midge Parasol Cream Emerger Green Caddis Emerger
Tandem Rigged Bunny Bugger Muskrat Nymph George (Cottontop)  Nymph Streaker Nymph Smoky Mountain Forked  Tail Nymph 
(new for 2005)

Carolyn's Biot Black Stonefly
(new for 2005)

Carolyn's Goldust
(new for 2005)

Boomer Den Clinger
(new for 2005)

Carolyn's Soft Hackle Tellico
(new for 2005)


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