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Foam Cricket
(new for 2006)
Foam Yellow Jacket
(new for 2006)
Hi Vis Foam Beetle #1
(new for 2006)
Hi Vis Foam Beetle #2
(new for 2006)
Hi Vis Foam Beetle #3
(new for 2006)
Catalpa Worm.jpg (46101 bytes) Black Gnat.jpg (89900 bytes) Flying Ant.jpg (80952 bytes) Sams Creek Para Ant.jpg (7529 bytes)
Catalpa Worm Black Gnat Flying Ant Sam's Creek Para Ant Hi Vis Foam Ant
(new for 2006
Black Cave Cricket.jpg (113789 bytes) Blue Tiger Moth.jpg (98211 bytes) Green Weenie 001.jpg (84893 bytes) Woolley Worm.jpg (95775 bytes) Joe's Hopper.jpg (65139 bytes)
Black Cave Cricket Blue Tiger Moth Green Weenie Woolley Worm Joes Hopper


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